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Lip Balm

benecos natural lip balm classic vegan lip balms

Benecos Natural Lip Balm - Classic

Price: £2.45

benecos natural lip balm raspberry natural lip care

Benecos Natural Lip Balm - Raspberry

Price: £2.45

benecos natural lip balm orange fruit lip balm

Benecos Natural Lip Balm - Orange

Price: £2.45

benecos natural lip balm mint natural vegan lip balm

Benecos Natural Lip Balm - Mint

Price: £2.45

lavera basis sensitive organic lip balm

Lavera Basis Sensitive Lip Balm - 4.5g

Price: £3.45

lavera beauty and care rose lip balm

Lavera Beauty and Care Lip Balm - Rose

Price: £3.95

lavera lip care repair vegan lip balm

Lavera Repair Lip Balm - 4.5g

Price: £3.95

lavers organic lip balm spf10

Organic Lip Balm SPF 10 - 4.5g

Price: £5.95

weleda everon lip balm natural lip balm lip balms

Weleda Everon Lip Balm - 4.8g

Price: £3.95

primavera moisturising lip balm organic

Organic Lip Balm : Moisturising Lip Balm : 10ml

Price: £15.00

dr hauschka lip balm natural lip balm natural lip care

Dr Hauschka
Dr Hauschka Lip Balm - 4.5ml

Price: £10.25

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Natural Lip Balm

We have a fantastic range of certified natural and organic lip balms, natural mouth-watering fruity lip balms, lip balms that give a subtle sheen to your lips, caring lip balms all our organic lip balms will help, protect and care for chapped, cracked and dry lips and are certified by Na True, one of the leading certifyers of natural and organic beauty products. The lip balms have not been tested on animals and is free from SLS, Phlates, Petroleum, synthetic preservatives, synthetic aromas, synthetic colours. The brands we hav e choosen are lavera, Primavera, Benecos

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