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Chemicals in skin care that cause breast cancer

An increasing amount of people are becoming aware that chemicals in skin care products can cause breast cancer. With Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, the topic of which chemicals cause cancer is attracting even more interest. Scientific research has detected potential links between breast cancer and chemicals in beauty products including parabens, phthalates, lead and aluminium and yet these carcinogenics are still being used in thousands of skin care products.

According to Cancer Research UK, breast cancer now affects 1 in 8 women - an increase from 1 in 9 in the previous decade, 1 in 12 in the 90s and 1 in 20 in the 60s. Breast Cancer UK believes that toxic chemicals in modern life have driven this increase. Skin care products are used every day and, as 60% of what we put on to our skin is absorbed into the bloodstream, cancer-causing chemicals are being allowed to enter our bodies flexible image box constantly, increasing the risk of breast cancer.

Using skin care products which contain chemicals that could cause breast cancer is especially problematic in deodorants and creams which are applied direct to the breast/armpit area such as moisturisers and deodorants. The links between breast cancer and parabens and breast cancer and aluminium have been especially well documented. Many breast cancer charities discourage use of skin care products which contain carcinogenics and encourage the use of aluminium-free and paraben-free natural products. Any product which is 'anti-perspirant' contains aluminium so it is wise to stay away from products which carry this description. Anti-perspirants stop sweating by blocking the lymph nodes - and are commonly linked with breast cancer. Sweating is a natural process which allows the body to maintain a healthy temperature. It is not sweat itself that smells but rather the reaction between bacteria in the area and sweat. Daily washing should prevent body odour but if you are still concerned about smelling and want to avoid chemicals which cause breast cancer, use an organic deodorant free from parabens and aluminium to reduce the risk of cancer. Natural deodorants do not stop sweating, they mask the odour with a natural formulation.

There are now many organic and natural skin care products available which are equally as efficacious as synthetic products but without the breast cancer risk. Genuine natural and organic products avoid chemicals that cause breast cancer, allowing you to indulge in gorgeous and healthy beauty treats.

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