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Weleda Stress Relief - Oral Spray - 20ml


The Weleda Stress Relief Spray provides rapid delivery of homeopathic medicine which will help to calm, relieve mild stress and tension.

Benefits of Weleda Stress Relief Oral Spray at a glance:

  • Calming
  • Relieves stress and tensions
  • Quick homeopathic medicinal action
  • Uses biodynamic chamomile

How to use Weleda Stress Relief Oral Spray:

Adults, the elderly over 18 years of age:
Hold the spray upright, a few centimeters from the mouth. Open the mouth and apply one or two metered sprays into the mouth up to 3 times daily. Change the site of application each time to minimise any potential irritation.


Each metered spray contains the following ingredients: Chamomilla matricaria 6X and Pulsatilla pratensis 6X.
Other ingredients: Ethanol 16.6% w/w, purified water.

The Weleda Stress Relief Oral Spray is:

  • Suitable for vegans
  • Not tested on animals

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